Based in Neuchâtel, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, ohmytime has two entities proposing high quality services.

Oh my events provides services in the organisation of events.

Oh my expats is specialised in the relocation of expats.

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Marie Glauser

Marie Glauser’s career is full of different experiences. First student in biology at the University of Neuchatel, she then moved to Oxford to perfect her English. On her return to Switzerland, she attended the School of Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds and graduated as a dress designer.

She then worked in a luxury shop in Neuchatel.

In 2006, she decided to change orientation and joined a pharmaceutical company located in Boudry as the assistant to a senior director. One of her main tasks among others was to organize events; she then discovered a new passion. By working in an international environment, she also realized how much expatriates needed support when they arrive from abroad.

Rich with this experience she returns to College and graduates with a CFC (commercial diploma) in 2007.

In April 2008, she launches ohmytime her own company, combining two different areas of expertise in which she can deploy her creativity and interpersonal skills: the relocation of expatriates and the organization of events.

Sarah Randall
Project manager

Sarah was born in Switzerland, from a Swedish mother and an English father.

After her studies in Switzerland and Italy, she worked for several international companies within sales and marketing.

In 2002, Sarah was transferred to the US headquarters of her employer. In her new role, she travelled extensively throughout the US, especially to the Caribbean. At the birth of her first child, in 2004, Sarah decided to put on hold her professional career, however keeping some consultancy mandates for expatriates.

At the birth of her first child, in 2004, Sarah decided to put on hold her professional career, however keeping some consultancy mandates. In 2011, Sarah returns with her family back to Switzerland.

She joins ohmytime in 2014 to put to good use her international business expertise, as well as her experience of expatriation.

Sarah speaks French, English, Swedish and Italian.


Lucille claudet
Chargée de projets

Lucille was born in Franche-Comté, France. She studied graphic design, web and communication in general and specialised in events communication.

During her studies, she spent a semester in Montreal, Canada. She developed her English as well as her communication and graphic design skills.

Lucille has previously worked in companies specializing in communication and events.

She joins today the Ohmytime team as a project manager.

Lucille speaks French, English and some Spanish.


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